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Mesa x Helen Cox
presenting double pendulum
11th + 12th April 2018, arebyte Gallery

On 11th and 12th of April, artist Inês Neto dos Santos and choreographer Helen Cox collaborated for a unique evening of contemporary dance and food, bringing an innovative spin on what a dance and a meal can be, individually, or together. This event was held at and supported by arebyte Gallery.

The choreography, double pendulum, created and performed by Cox with dancer Andrew Oliver, is a duet inspired by the motion of two connected pendulums in motion, creating complex and uncertain patterns as metaphor for the relationships we have with those people close in our lives. Danced to the music of electronic artist, Floating Points, you see two people pushing, pulling, flourishing and faltering but never stop.

Guests were invited to experience a dinner and a dance piece intertwined: the menu borrowed themes and aesthetics from double pendulum, interpreting them through flavours, textures and colours. This immersive, multi-sensory experience aims to introduce new audiences to contemporary arts and dance in an interesting and stimulating environment.