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Mesa x Noémi Varga
The Happiest Barrack
Gallery Six, London, June 2017

For this event, Mesa invited filmmaker Noémi Varga to screen her recent film The Happiest Barrack and collaborate on the creation of an immersive eating experience.

The film observes the effect of the socialist era of the country’s history on the individual through the retelling of the director’s maternal grandmother’s life. This experimental documentary, a 15-minute long single take through the everydays of one of the so called “kommunalka’s (shared apartments) shows the dramatic impact and the structure of Kádár’s Hungary.

Following the screening, guests experienced an intricate 5-course meal inspired by the themes and aesthetics of the film, exploring traditional Hungarian cuisine with a contemporary touch. Each course, including a specially crafted drink, were designed to take guests on a journey through and beyond the film. Images by Liliane Spielmann