Myths & Connections 
A partnership with Oliva & Co and Illustration School
Porto, October 2018

A tasting evening for the senses: telling stories and histories of olive oil, it’s hidden myths and wide geographies.

An edible performance expanding on the Portuguese tradition of olive oil, and focusing on its three main regions: Beira, Ribatejo, and Tras-os-montes. Guests traveled through real and imagined tales, starting from the fearless tribe of the Lusitanos and the woman warrior embeding the spirit of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, justice and war, whose symbols included the olive tree, to the region of Ribatejo, through a tale of soup and stone.

And finally, the story of a poor priest, travelling by foot and finishing with Trás-os-Montes, the land behind the mountain; of courageous, daring and hardworking people. A land of self-sufficiency, where whole villages share one wood-fired oven, one mill, the pasture and the herd bull, bringing full meaning to community life.