Upcoming projects/residencies

Radical Residency® V, Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop
9 Aug - 5 Sep
Exhibition: 10-26 Sep BOOK HERE!

Postponed 2021
EVA + Magic Carpets Residency
Ireland Biennial
Limerick, Ireland

Tender Touches book
Coming soon!

Selected exhibitions

Residency at Villa Lena
Tuscany, Italy

A Sonic Youth
Galeria Municipal de Arte de Almada,

JULY 2019   
Expedition Empathy,
Walk&Talk festival, Azores

MAY 17 - JUNE 30 2019   
Tender Touches, London
Co-curated by Inês Neto dos Santos and
Huma Kabakci, organised by Open Space 

MARCH  2019   
Darlings of the Underground,
Subsidiary Projects, London

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Victoria and Albert Museum
at Arcade East
'A Toolkit for the Future'
30th June - 12-6pm


Can eating bring us closer to our bodies? How can food work as an empowering tool? What can it teach us about who we are, where we come from or where we’re going?

FERMEN-TOUR or How to stop burning your onions is a performative, edible installation by Inês Neto dos Santos exploring fermentation and other food processes as a metaphor for collaborative practices, community living and autonomy.

Through a virtually carbon-neutral process, this project presents fermented foods as the ultimate site-specific pieces, using millennium-old techniques to question our current and future relationship to food.

This event is part of A Toolkit for the Future – a conference at the V&A followed by day of speculative design workshops at LCF’s project space Arcade East. The project is curated in collaboration with the V&A’s The Future Starts Here exhibition curator Mariana Pestana.

This is a drop-in event, please feel free to drop by at any point between 12-6pm.


Illustration Summer School
Porto, Portugal
16-21 July 2018

After lots of exciting on-going collaborations with the Illustration School EU, I'm very happy to share that I'll be teaching as part of this year's Summer School group of tutors.

Applications are open until 1st June!

Find out more about the Illustration Summer School here.


ZUT RESIDENCY, 4th edition
Lisbon, Portugal
July 2018, curated by Alice Bonnot

Very happy to announce that I'll be part of the fourth edition of the Zone d’Utopie Temporaire (Z.U.T.) residency programme, taking place in July 2018 at Wozen in Lisbon, Portugal.

I'll be in Lisbon alongside artists Louise Ashcroft, fleuryfontaine, Thomas Langley, Panos Papadopoulos and one Portuguese artist who will be selected through an open call.


5th May - Performative dinner
época - Porto, Portugal

Email ines.neto.santos@gmail.com for tickets!

On the 5th May, artist Inês Neto dos Santos, in collaboration with época, presents a performative dinner inspired by fermentation processes. Through a five course menu, performative gestures and stories, Inês explores this century-old technique as a metaphor for collaboration and concepts of community.

This dinner will take you on a journey through the process of fermentation, focusing on seasonal and local ingredients. Through colours, flavours, textures and gestures, Inês will travel through ferments and pickles, while asking: can a food process draw us closer to where we live, and the people that surround us?

5-course meal + drink
20€ per person, limited seats
To book, please email ines.neto.santos@gmail.com


28th and 29th April 2018
Hackney Wick, London


Join me and Z.U.T. residency artists on a mad weekend of art and food!

To celebrate the announcement of its fourth edition, the Zone d’Utopie Temporaire (Z.U.T.) residency programme is organising a weekend of events. On Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of April, artists Inês Neto dos Santos, Louise Ashcroft, Thomas Langley and curator Alice Bonnot collaborate for a unique weekend of food, performance and exhibition.

Artist Inês Neto dos Santos creates a multi-sensory sketch of two seasonal ingredients, grapefruit and radish. By exploring gestures, flavours, colours and textures in the shape of four edible installations, dos Santos blends real and fictional narratives of sour, crunchy, pink and juicy. Artist Thomas Langley designs a site-specific environment that reconsiders the ways of eating.

Artist Louise Ashcroft responds to the ingredients of Inês’ menu by creating ‘amuse-bouche’ performances. Ashcroft’s performative platter tells the history of the world, one bite at a time.

Works from the participants of the fourth edition of the Z.U.T. residency. Limited editions available to view and purchase.


March 2018

I'm happy to announce a new residency project at Illustration School this coming March!

During my residency, I will be expanding on my ongoing research regarding the values of food in a community context and its potential for togetherness. The starting point for this research lies in understanding food as global language, something that binds us and connects us at its most basic function. And as food sustains us, it also acts as a reflection of our habits, beliefs (on an individual level) and cultural identity (on a wider scale). This research has taken many forms: including collaborative workshops, performances and dinners as primary sources, as well as an investigation into writings, publications and food-related art and design practices.

With this in mind, I will explore the dining table as a platform for conversation and making. While in Porto, I will focus particularly on the immediate surroundings of the Illustration School (Bonfim): the neighbourhood and its people, small shops and daily habits. Aiming to understand the continuous change the city has undergone and what that means for the locals, I will use food as a visual and tactile language to tell stories and ask questions. Food is proposed as a fundamental illustrative practice of our everyday life and, therefore, a powerful tool for discussion, critique and intervention. This investigation will take shape in a series of dinners, workshops and open studio days.

The residency dinners, open to the public, work as narrative meals and non-linear sensorial maps of my experience in the city and the local neighbourhood. Through flavours, textures, colours and smells, I will navigate through local stories – real and imagined –, asking questions such as: How can food connect (or re-connect) us to who/where we are? Can it give us the tools to speak our mind? Can it help us to understand or drive change (i.e. social, cultural, etc)? Can it help us grasp, question or defy our surroundings?


November/December 2017

I will be in residence at Barbecho in Madrid! Working on a project titled:

Tomate, Membrillo y Limón:
Exploring the flavours, textures, colours, histories and stories behind three ingredients: all grown in Spain and forming a strong cultural base for Spanish cooking. Through experimental food making, performance and installation, the artist explores food as a platform for new discussions, change and togetherness, while asking herself:
Where do I draw the line between chef and artist?
Can I be both?
Can the gallery be the kitchen and the kitchen be the gallery?
If the food is the artwork, what is left after we eat it?

The first dinner will take place on the 24th November at Barbecho, tickets to be announced soon...

A Tomato is not an Apple
Tasting performance and dinner

What are the politics of the tomato? Can we understand our current social condition through the history of this fruit? Or is it a vegetable? Tomatoes were once believed to be toxic, were once called pomi d’oro, were once an aphrodisiac. Tomatoes were once grown by the Aztecs, who were once taken by the Spanish, who once ‘owned’ half the world. Where does that leave us, among spoonfuls of tomato soup?
A tasting evening exploring stories and histories of tomato, from the land of the Aztecs to the land of Gazpacho.