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Radical Residency® V, Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop
9 Aug - 5 Sep
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Postponed 2021
EVA + Magic Carpets Residency
Ireland Biennial
Limerick, Ireland

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Selected exhibitions

Residency at Villa Lena
Tuscany, Italy

A Sonic Youth
Galeria Municipal de Arte de Almada,

JULY 2019   
Expedition Empathy,
Walk&Talk festival, Azores

MAY 17 - JUNE 30 2019   
Tender Touches, London
Co-curated by Inês Neto dos Santos and
Huma Kabakci, organised by Open Space 

MARCH  2019   
Darlings of the Underground,
Subsidiary Projects, London

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Tomate, Membrillo y Limón:
Residency at Barbecho, Nov-Dec 2017


Exploring the flavours, textures, colours, histories and stories behind three ingredients: all grown in Spain and forming a strong cultural base for Spanish cooking. Through experimental food making, performance and installation, I explored food as a platform for new discussions, change and togetherness, while asking herself:

Where do I draw the line between chef and artist?
Can I be both?
Can the gallery be the kitchen and the kitchen be the gallery?
If the food is the artwork, what is left after we eat it?

This investigation took shape across 6 dinners (2 for each of the 3 main ingredients), a workshop and various collaborations with local artists, supported by a close relationship with the architect behind Barbecho, Pia Mendaro.

During the residency, and through various collaborations, I produced the MESA kit - a collection of 3 objects, in a series of 12 sets, taking my food project Mesa as a starting point. The kit is what remains as a physical object, after the experience of each dinner has passed. It's a condensation of each event I held at Barbecho and, therefore, tells the collective story of Tomate, Membrillo y Limón.

The kit is composed by objects designed and produced by various artists in collaboration with me, while in residence at Barbecho. Each object was utilised as the vessel for a specific dish in each of the six dinners. These objects work as carriers of memory of each event, and so are the perfect vehicle for re-enacting them in new formats and contexts.





Clockwise from bottom:

Mother, look what I brought for you
Hand-engraved petri dish, 10cm.
Inês Neto dos Santos, 2017

Descent of man, by woman
Steel structure 10x10, soldered ø2 cable, white.
With Pía Mendaro, 2017

Despacito, empezamos
Hand-thrown ceramic pot and lid, glaze.
With: Laura Gutiérrez de Carlos y Alicia García Ruiz, 2017