Sacred Elements
Whiteleys, London
March 2018

An installation produced for the finissage of Adventitious Encounters, curated by Huma Kabakci (Open Space Contemporary) and Anna Skladmann, at Whiteleys, London.

Sacred Elements is an edible installation: part-fictional, part-hopeful. An imagined forest of pickles, ferments, sprouts and sun-dries exploring food processes which rely essentially on time and the four elements (water, air, sun, earth). This edible work expands on century-old food techniques and their grounding, pre-digestive potential for empowerment, awareness and locality. Can food-making help us understand ourselves and Nature? How can it bring our bodies closer to the food we eat?

Sacred Elements
is a site-specific, edible artwork, presented as an evening apperitivo. It will be made of pickled, fermented, cured and sun-dried foods of the season, along with handmade breads, butter and cheese. Guests are invited to wander in and around it, experiencing it through taste, smell and touch.

Photo credit: Carlotta Marangone