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Selected exhibitions

Residency at Villa Lena
Tuscany, Italy

A Sonic Youth
Galeria Municipal de Arte de Almada,

JULY 2019   
Expedition Empathy,
Walk&Talk festival, Azores

MAY 17 - JUNE 30 2019   
Tender Touches, London
Co-curated by Inês Neto dos Santos and
Huma Kabakci, organised by Open Space 

MARCH  2019   
Darlings of the Underground,
Subsidiary Projects, London

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Tender Touches
17 May - 30 June 2019
AMP Gallery: AMP Gallery, 1 Acorn Parade, London SE15 2TZ

Opening night: 16 May, 6-9PM (all welcome)

Free entry
Events available to book here!

Tender Touches is an immersive exhibition taking shape as an art café where everything – from the food to the furniture – is an artwork. Dissolving boundaries between the gallery, studio and dining room, the exhibition uses food as a medium to question the dynamics of exhibition spaces.

Visitors are invited to use their senses to experience artworks as functional objects, and to engage with food as they might view art. Experienced through vision, touch, sound and taste, the exhibition draws on the food-based practice of artist and co-curator Inês Neto dos Santos and the curatorial interests of founding director of Open Space and co-curator Huma Kabakcı.

Tender Touches combines exhibition with hospitality, blending and overlapping their respective narratives and inherent gestures. Rules of conduct are blurred: sipping a coffee, stirring porridge or pouring a drink become opportunities for conceptual thinking and aesthetics. The café format is presented as a model for creative practice and public engagement.

The menu has been devised by artist and co-curator Inês Neto dos Santos in dialogue with each of the participating artists, borrowing elements from their distinct practices. Similar to the artworks, the menu exists as an integral part of the exhibition, merging and connecting each of its components. Food becomes a conduit through which we can engage with art and the creative process, proposed as a tool to help us understand the relationship between ourselves and our surroundings. Central to Ines Neto dos Santos’ work is a concern for sustainability. Wherever possible, ingredients are sourced from nearby producers through partnerships with local and independent businesses.

Tender Touches subverts the gallery space whilst existing as a fully functioning café. The exhibition raises questions such as: what are the limits of an artwork? Can hospitality be a model for creative practice? What role does food play in this context? Can it help us understand, question or defy our surroundings?

This exhibition is a part of Open Space’s new, annually recurring exhibition series Edible Goods, which explores food as a medium in contemporary art.

Tender Touches will encompass a series of tours, workshops and supper clubs, led by the participating artists at AMP Gallery, offering visitors the chance to interact with their work in engaging and unexpected ways.