The weight of the world (12.2g) at A HUNTED TIME
Bronze casts of fava beans, plant-dyed cotton, fermented raspberry soda
Exibition view. Casa Capitão, Lisbon
Curated by Nicolai Sarbib and David Revés

Exhibition text:
If the history of Humanity could be defined by a movement of constant flight from Time, but also by its paradoxical pursuit, then all our inventions and edifications would live in that inextricable conflict, even if often unknowingly, between an attempted imprisonment and a place of protection (or comfort). The individual or collective gods, home and temple, the objects, language, myths and images, art… all these symbolic and technical filters that have been developed to involve experience, measure it, fix it or halt succession. Apparently stabilising the untimely forces of Time, of the Real that runs through us and goes beyond, but which always falls upon us and all things. A Hunted Time explores all these relations and oblique connections, receiving them, shaping them, expanding them in multiple and varied facets. In this house that is now opening -  once inhabited and currently seized by this exhibition -,  each work is drawn distinctly as an image of a time within Time (or as a time of the image), becoming part of the overall score that is to be composed as an indicator of construction spaces, haunting or an outburst of the sensitive, as well as of any radical force – or mystery – inherent to the world and life. In these spaces we move between sacred times, primordial times, final or post-temporal times. But also times of matter, organic, earthly, human times – between the time of flesh and the time that the body manages: where the hand is raised, where the vision is produced, where the voice is heard. Times where finitude is marked, where renewal is glimpsed and where an instant of eternity can also be touched.

Exhibiting artists: 
Ana Mata, António Neves Nobre, Christine Henry, Cristina Regadas, David Leal, Diogo Gama, Diogo Lança Branco, Inês Brites, Inês Neto dos Santos, Joana Ramalho, Márcio Matos, Mariana Gomes Gonçalves, Rita Senra e Vitor Serrano